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To ensure an optimal service for everyone using this storage space, we recommend that you stick to the following rules. At first, they may seem strict. You will soon realise that they are essential to meet the needs of several users.

  1. Please include your forum user name in the file name.1
    Example : latinus_mystere01.gif
  2. Don’t send files with spaces in their name. Use hyphens ( - ) or underscores ( _ ) instead.
    Example : latinus mystere01.gif becomes latinus_mystere01.gif
  3. Don’t use foreign characters..2
    Example : latinus_hameçon becomes latinus_hamecon.gif
    Example : latinus_mystère-compliqué.gif becomes latinus_mystere-complique.gif
  4. Try to keep file names short.
  5. If the image is intended to be displayed on the forum (with the IMG tag), please check its dimensions. To avoid disturbing the page layout, the maximum recommended width is 550 pixels.
  6. Think about users with slower connections: how big are your files? A maximum of 300 KB is laid down for each image (if an image takes too long to display, users will not bother).

1 : To prevent third parties from using this service, the method of incorporating user names in file names provides a simple way of spotting intruders. ‘Bad’ files can thus be deleted instantly, without notice.
2 : Certain browsers do not treat foreign characters correctly.

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